Office Relocation and Moving Management

Your office move should be quick and painless – so that you can get on with your work. Our Move Coordinator, Brianna McCadam, will engage your project coordinator to ensure that this happens in the most efficient and effective way for your business. We know that you’re busy with your normal workload, design development meetings and furniture and equipment selections, not to mention communicating with your team.

With Brianna on your side, you’ll have someone personally dedicated to your office relocation – someone who has done this hundreds of times before.

We’ll move everything, down to the papers on a desk, personal effects, furniture, computers, other electronic equipment, and even artwork.

And then we’ll take out the trash.

Before Relocation

  • Move Coordinator tours premises and meets Project Managers, Building Managers, and key personnel
  • Reviews project to date, identifies problems to be addressed
  • Establishes preliminary timeline and pre-move and main move schedules with your personnel
  • Trains your move leaders on how to move, including how to label and purge records
  • Ensures layout and labeling at origin and destination sites is complete
  • Warehouses new furniture until relocation

During Relocation

  • Move Coordinator supervises the move and serves as point of contact
  • Scheduled delivery of specified furniture and equipment
  • Experienced move and install team installs furniture to layout
  • Teardown of existing configuration

After Relocation

  • Disposal of trash
  • Removal of excess furniture or parts to company inventory or storage

Don’t lift with your back – In fact, let us lift it.