Office Furniture Reconfiguration

An office furniture reconfiguration can be useful if you are resizing your office space, growing or shrinking your team, or just need a more efficient layout. Reconfiguration of modular systems and filing equipment can have an especially large impact on the function of your space. With our move and project management experience, we can coordinate and execute your reconfiguration from initial design to takedown, installation, and even trash removal.
Our capability for full-service, hands-on reconfiguration work includes the capability for customized project management to suit your business’ specific needs, should you so choose.

Your Challenge

  • Adding or removing furniture in your office
  • Moving to a different space
  • Current office space isn’t being maximized

Our Solution

  • Provide project management and design
  • Store incoming furniture
  • Takedown and/or store old furniture
  • Reconfigure existing systems furniture
  • Install new, used, or refurbished furniture
  • Find liquidators or storage spaces
  • Remove all trash

Change is good, especially when we do it.