Mobile Filing Installation

When it comes to records, you’ve got two things on your mind – where? and how?.

Between picking a spot in your space to store all those records and actually beginning to accumulate them, you need to think about an install. Especially in records-intensive industries like law, medicine, and insurance, you need solutions for a big, big storage problem.

That’s where West Coast IPM and our certified Mobile Filing Unit installation experience comes in!

Our Leverage

  • Specialized installers for mobile filing unit installation
  • Certifications for a wide variety of vendors
  • Project management
  • Experience in reconfigurations and installations

What We Do For You

  • Provide project management
  • Reconfigure storage space
  • Receive and store filing units prior to installation
  • Deliver filing units on installation day
  • Disposal of old storage unites

We’re certified on a wide variety of different units in a wide range of sizes, sure to fit your storage needs. We’ll address a number of routine issues that arise when planning your filing unit installation: unit receiving, delivery, installation, and reconfiguration. We’ll receive your units at our warehouse and hold them for you until the day of installation. On the installation date, we’ll deliver and install the units in an efficient, thorough manner, disposing of any trash that results.

And if your office needs temporary or permanent reconfiguration as a result? We do that too.

A place for everything, and everything in its place.